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Update by user Jun 28, 2012

They responded again, good lord some people are going to lose their jobs with this nonsense:

Wed, Jun 27 2012 7:41pm - staff

You are totally insane

Original review posted by user Jun 27, 2012

They threatened to "call the authorities on me" LOL...what a sad excuse of a company. When I did call them directly after the first email ticket, and asked for a supervisor I was told that one wasn't there to take my call. I did not opt to leave voice mail for the manager, I figure if they can't staff a manager in a call center I'm not having them call me back to wake me up (I work nights). The rep on the phone sounded like he was in India. The company is in Tennessee! Good old Tennessee American company farming out support to India, yet another one. When I asked about the company, the size of the company, approximately how many employees, how long they had been in business, he acted dumfounded and couldn't answer me.

I am VERY glad I didn't buy after doing more research and doing this ticket with them below. I have reported them to the BBB and the FTC.


Tue, Jun 26 2012 12:25am

Hi there,

Can you do any better on shipping cost for this item:

You say you ship from 20 warehouses, and some of your competitors offer free shipping. Seems like $76.00 to zip code xxxxx (xxxxx, xx) is a little bit much in this economy, I would think you could ship from a warehouse really close to me in the Phoenix area.

Another thing is, google's product website lists that it can be shipped for $9.00 to my zip code. How can that be if your site shows $76?

I'm very interested in buying, and I will order this within two days.

Just to be sure, this unit includes everything described in Dometic's promo sheet here, right? You do include the thermostat don't you?




Tue, Jun 26 2012 1:55am

That's funny, I went back and looked at your s/d model and it costs 539, with 76.01 shipping. I placed the NEW unit as I indicated above in the cart, and this time it's charging me 96.01 for shipping! This is NOT good business. When I saw the shipping for a new unit 20 bucks less not 2 hours ago, how can you justify a $20 increase within that time frame?? Unaccpetable.

PS, I was definitely NOT looking at the S/D unit the first time, you can go to the URL in the original ticket and see that. This is almost irritating.



Tue, Jun 26 2012 8:58am - staff

We sell different configurations of units. Some have two boxes. These weigh about 100 lbs. I don't know what Google has out there but there is no way it ships for $9.00. We are not playing with our website for your shipping costs. It could be the way they are marketed. We are one of the largest retailers with the best prices. We cannot adjust shipping and handling cost.



Tue, Jun 26 2012 12:20pm

No it is not a sufficient response. You did not actually go and click on the links I gave you to see what I'm talking about.

Forward the entire ticket to a supervisor. I refuse to accept your non-answer.

Do you want my business?


ME again:

Tue, Jun 26 2012 12:54pm

Well forget it. You answer wasn't acceptable, you implied that I accused you of "playing with your website" and you didn't take me seriously. You obviously didn't go to google and change your zip code on their site to xxxxx to see that they do indeed show $9.00 shipping cost. You basically called me a liar. I'm a grown man, not some kid. "It could be the way they are marketed" is a complete non-answer, and when I spend 6 or 700 bucks with someone, I don't like them guessing what's going on. You have discrepancies in your shipping cost for a S/D unit and for a brand new unit that weighs the same. Again, no explanation as to why. You lost the sale with your haughty and smarmy attitude to a NEW CUSTOMER, so kiss my derrière.


ME again:

Tue, Jun 26 2012 1:03pm

And an other PS.

You are advertising a NEW UNIT on google but it is a S/D unit.

Go look at

Adventure RV.NET

2,507 seller ratings New No tax + Shipping: $9.00 $548.00 $539.00

Make sure you change the zip code in your browser to be xxxxx with google. Then tell me why I should file a false advertising claim against you. (Screen shot was sent also to prove what I was saying).


Tue, Jun 26 2012 2:42pm - staff


Some items ship Freight and some items ship Fedex Ground and certain ones from different warehouses. Google lists and approximate shipping cost you would have to visit our website for an accurate one. It is also and advertising site not a sales site. We are constantly trying to improve the way we ship items so they get to the consumer in 1 piece. The weak economy has nothing to do with shipping costs except that shipping prices have all gone up since Obama took office due to the high fuel prices.

also read what you are looking at on google:

Seller rating Condition Tax and shipping (estimated)

see the parenthesis in the shipping column? It says estimated!

also at the bottom of the results page it states:

Google is compensated by some of these merchants. Payment is one of several factors used to rank these results. Tax and shipping costs are estimates.



Tue, Jun 26 2012 3:24pm

Still haven't answered why you are falsely listing this as a new item with google.

So let's deal with the BBB and the FTC for awhile.

Have a nice day.

Tue, Jun 26 2012 3:36pm

An "estimate" would be 50 bucks or 100 bucks on an item that ships for 70-90. Not $9.00! You are responsible as a company for your advertising and this "estimate" is a grossly false misrepresentation.




Tue, Jun 26 2012 6:06pm - staff

Its not listed as new. Stop harassing us with your vulgar language now. You are not to contact us any further or the authorities will be contacted.



Wed, Jun 27 2012 1:28am

It is listed as new on the site. There is no harassment. I have contacted the BBB and FTC about your lies.

And lastly ME:

I am seeking legal means against your company for this nonsense and threats. You contact the authorities if you wish, but I already have done so. You would be wise to ask your boss what this means and leave me alone.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #695211

They just ripped me off to the tune of $71. When I tried to cancel the order 2 hours I was told it had already shipped.

Funny that the shipping label was dated the next day.

They don't have a clue when it comes top customer service. If you need something for your RV do yourself a favor find it somewhere else.


The company has never contacted me again. I reported them to the BBB and my main goal was getting someone of importance to respond to me from the company.

Seems they could care less how their agents are treating customers who are potentially spending 500+ dollars with them.

This company is low life and doesn't deserve any consideration whatsoever, do not waste your time even thinking about buying something from them.

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